Arriving at the docks of Morro de São Paulo up the ramp and crossing the arched entrance (Portalo).
The road to the fort is to the left and in front, the ramp that brings you to the Church of Nossa Sra de Luz and the road to the lighthouse (farol)..

Soon in front is the Aureliano O. Lima Plaza, where there is an artesan fair every night.
Next, you’re in Morro, informally called, “Vila.” The main road of Vila extends in front, Beach Street Road, which leads directly to the beaches, and to the side, Fonte Grande Street.
This entire section, including the entrance and the main street that runs to the beach access and all of it’s side streets forms what is called Vila do Morro de Sao Paulo.

The Vila is the reference point for everyone on the island. The majority of pousadas, restaurants, shops and travel agencies. are located here. It is where everyone goes, mainly at night, in order to see and be seen. A short walk through the Vila is a must.

Going right by Fonte Grande Street, you arrive at the Padaria do Seu Bonzinho (bread store), in front of the Fonte Grande(fountain), it is another meeting place for locals and turists alike.
Early in the morning, people both getting up and going to bed pass each other by Fonte Grande.
From here you have access to the Lagoon, Ponta da Pedra Beach, Gamboa and Campo da Mangaba.

From Campo da Mangaba there is a fantastic view of almost all of the islands that encircle Morro. You can get there by the ramp in Mangaba (accessible from Fonte Grande) or by the ramp leaving Segunda Praia.
This hike up the ramp deserves strategic stops along the way to admire the view that opens at every angle.