The Most Famous Beaches in Morro de São Paulo

The First Beach

It was at the First Beach that the first vacation homes were built on the Morro de São Paulo. Nowadays almost all of them have become inns, shops or points of commerce, and the few that are not commercial points, are rented to tourists during the year. The First Beach is frequented by the older natives and the local mothers who take their children to play. It is the ideal beach for the practice of surfing (in winter it has great waves). You will find boat and Banana Boats tours, diving equipment and surfboards rentals. It is the arrival beach for those who descend from the zipline (Tirolesa), at the top of the lighthouse. The First Beach for the whole family.

The Second Beach

Maybe it's the most popular beach in Morro de São Paulo. Everyone who visits the Island, at least for once, enjoys a night out party on the Second Beach, famous for its restaurants and bars with live music. The younger ones love the flirting atmosphere that running on the beach line, near the sea. They are tourists from different parts of Brazil and from all over the world sharing space and Brazilian cangas in the most famous sand of Morro de São Paulo. On Mondays and Thursdays the Lual Party take place, starts from midnight and goes until dawn.
It is also the beach of sports. Volleyball and foot volleyball nets, beach tennis (frescbol), surfboards and SUP and several sports competitions happen here. Even beach Rugby sport happens here! It is the most lively beach, with no doubts, and where all the gossips roll on.

The Third Beach

Around the corner of the Second Beach, on the Island of Saudade side, you are on the Third Beach. There is a wide range of hotels and pousadas, as well as restaurants and shops. It is on this beach that we find the famous Caitá Island, a very small island surrounded by a great Barrier Reef. For this reason, it is one of the choosen sea point for diving, where you can see fish and corals of all shapes and colors. You can rent the right equipment for free and autonomous diving right here. Another tip is to rent a kayak or a board to SUP and paddle in the calm waters of the Third Beach.

The Fourth Beach

At first glance, the Fourth Beach seems to have no end. A large barrier of corals forms myriads of natural pools. Here, with only a diving mask, you will feel part of this paradise. Perfect place to rest, read or lie in the shade to take a nap. That is if you can not resist the temptation to go forward, walking as far as your feet stand. The Fourth Beach is ideal for long walks and for those who prefer a quieter beach without much agitation. You still have horseback riding, carriages options and, if you prefer, rent a bike.

The Fifth Beach or Encanto Beach

It is the continuation of the Fourth Beach, but it is called Praia do Encanto. Due to the distance from the center of Morro de São Paulo, in its almost 10 km far away, it is never crowded, it is an oasis of tranquility. The Fifth Beach is perfect for those who enjoy silence and peaceful beaches. The beautiful local landscape is marked by dense native vegetation, vast coconut palm trees plantation and a large mangrove vegetation (manguezal) located on its south face. Here you can also find beautiful resorts and inns.

Beach or Porto de Cima

It is the continuation of the fourth beach but is called Encanto Beach. The distance from Morro de Sao Paulo headquarters, in almost all of its 10 km, is never crowded, it is an oasis of tranquility. Praia do Encanto is perfect for those who enjoy silence and calm. The beautiful local landscape is marked by dense native vegetation, vast coconut palms and a large mangrove forest, located on its south face. Here are also beautiful resorts and hotels.

The Gamboa Beach

Gamboa Beach is another district of the Municipality of Cairu, like the entire Archipelago of Tinharé, and is located very close to the center of Morro de São Paulo. Leaving the pier, at low tide, passing the beautiful beaches of Porto de Cima and Ponta da Pedra, you arrive at Praia de Gamboa. The walk takes about 30 minutes. But access is faster and safer by boat, boats departing regularly from the pier. Gamboa has a beautiful and lively center with commerce and good tourist infrastructure. Its amazing beach has calm waters and is quite suitable for several types of water sports, and more of being excellent for bathing. On the way to the Morro it is easy to notice the presence of several falesias, carved by the winds and the sea over the years (Praia da Argila). It has many bars and restaurants on the beach line.

The Beach of Garapuá

Not as famous as Morro de São Paulo beaches, but Garapuá Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the Island of Tinhare. It is a beautiful soft cove of transparent and warm waters, suitable for swimming and especially diving. The natural pools here divide the attention with extensive sand banks, which allow, during the descent tide, long walks away from the coast. The coconut palm trees of the region, here are even more dense, giving a beautiful effect to the landscape. The place offers a good tourist infrastructure with restaurants, bars and pousadas.

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