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Tourism Tax BRL 15,00

From November 1st, 2017, visitors to Morro de Sao Paulo pay BRL 15,00 as a visitation fee. It is the so-called TUPA tax or, better said, Fee for Use of the Historical Patrimony of the Archipelago of Tinharé.

Visitors up to 5 years and over 60 are tax free. Students and people with special needs pay half of the amount, BRL 7,50.

The ticket is charged on the arrival of the boat, at the guichê near the pier, just after the entrance door (Portaló), once only, per person and per stay. The receipt will also be given at the pier for boarding the trips around to the Islands. Anyone who has reached the island from another point (by plane or by the southern tip, crossing the river from Boipeba), and by a boat trip, will pay their taxes at this guichê.

It is not possible to get to Morro de São Paulo by car. There is no terrestrial access. Until some time ago, only the circulation of the garbage collector, transportation of materials and a few vehicles for distant tours were permitted. Nowadays there are vehicles that circulate along the parallel roads along the beaches, through Zimbo, Campo de Mangaba and Gamboa. The vehicles are not allowed to circulate on main roads (such as Rua Caminho da Praia or Fonte Grande).

Electricity Voltage 220 volt

There are no bank agencies in Morro de São Paulo, but there is a cash machine service of Banco do Brasil, Bradesco and Caixa Economica Federal or Loterica service points.

In Valença, the nearest city of Morro de São Paulo, you find agencies from the following banks: Banco do Brasil, Caixa Economica Federal, Bradesco and Itaú. Replacing cash at ATMs may take a little while and the money quickly ends in the high season, so it's prudent to be prepared for this.

Most establishments like pousadas, hotels, restaurants, shops and supermarkets accept credit cards. Money in the ATMs machines usually quickly ends, especially when there are large numbers of people on the island, so the tip is to bring with you suitable amount of cash to avoid troubles.

Arriving at the pier of Morro de São Paulo you will be approached by the local porters and guides. Negotiate the price before. Always book hotels and pousadas in advance. Check the complete list by location, by price and by amenities in our website.

In Morro de São Paulo you find Health Center, Clinic of General Medicine, Clinic of Dentistry, pet shop, pharmacy, beauty salon, private and public schools, lotteries, fitness centers, real- estates agencies and supermarkets.

Outras Informações

  • Location - South of the State of Bahia, Dendê Coast Region.
  • Area - 452.9 km2
  • Boundaries - Nilo Peçanha, Taperoá, Valença and Atlantic Ocean
  • Altitude - 19 m
  • Climate- - Hot and humid
  • Average Annual Temperature - 25.3 ° C average
  • Distance from the Capital (Salvador):
    105 km via Valença / Bom Despacho - Itaparica Island
  • Economy - Tourism
  • Creation of the Municipality -1608
  • Zip Code 45420-000
  • Area Code - (75)
  • Geographical coordinates - 13 ° 28 'lat.S 39 ° 02'long. O
  • Rainy season - April to July
  • Administrative Division - Cairu (main), Galeão, Gamboa, Morro de São Paulo, Garapuá, Boipeba, São Sebastião, Canavieiras, Torrinhas, Zimbo. Population - 14,438

* Source Secretary of Culture and Tourism of the State of Bahia and Portal of Municipality of Cairu


During your stay help us to keep the island clean and preserved.

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Where To Eat

Discover all flavors of Bahia and the world in one of the best known cosmopolitan place. Morro de São Paulo offers a lot of regional and international food. You can also enjoy the most incredible ‘caipirinhas’, mixed with tropical fruits, you have ever tasted and many delicious Bahian delicacies.

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Do you prefer visit Morro de São Paulo and feeling as you were at home? Discover our incredible houses and apartments for rent by season. Enjoy the weekends or the holidays and come with family and friends.

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Tours And Entertainments

Discover the incredible beauties of Morro de São Paulo and its surroundings with the tours offered by travel agencies. Tours of the Tinharé Archipelago Islands, Garapuá Beach Tour, Gamboa Beach Tour, Whale Watching and much more. Visit the historical points and monuments, enjoy the sunset in the most pleasant places of the island and be enchanted with the landscapes.

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You will fall in love with so much of cool things that you find going for shopping in Morro de São Paulo. Clothing and beach wear, decoration, souvenirs of Bahia, craft fair, silver and jewelry and lots of cool souvenirs to buy. Prepare your credit card.. you will not regret!

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