Site Policy

The website was created in 1998 with the aim of sharing tips and information about one of the most sought after destinations in Bahia, Morro de São Paulo. Here you will find all the information regarding the site's policy on advertisements, invitations and privacy.


Like most media, the website survives thanks to ads (because the website also needs to pay the bills ;-)). These can happen through service lists, banners, advertising posts and affiliate programs. Like all form of advertising, the responsibility for the service performed will always rest with the company advertiser and not the site. See more about them below:

Banners and advertising spaces

The Morro de São Paulo website has several advertising spaces clearly separated from the editorial content. There are banners and advertisements for companies and services: hosting, houses for rent, real estate, transfer, travel agencies, tours among others.

Invitation Cards

As a means of communication, such as newspapers and magazines, the website is receive invitations from companies, either to try a certain product / service, either to experience it, as in the case of hosting, service etc. (on behalf of a company or tourism agency).
All posts and information generated from invitations will always be indicated for readers, and the content published will always have the objective of journalistic information and not advertising.
The content and / or experience to be disseminated on the website's social networks (blog, twitter, facebook, instagram) will have the indication #ap for the reader to know that this is the disclosure of a supported content. If a company wants to advertise a product / service through the website, it should be in the form of an advertisement (see more about it above).


We will never disclose, sell or share your email address or other information used in comments, emailing questions or by signing the our newsletter.
Any user, on any website, can always turn off their cookies, through their browser or any program has this tool.
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