Valença | Morro de São Paulo

VALENÇA | MORRO DE SÃO PAULO Conventional boats and speedboats make the Valença route | Morro de São Paulo hourly. Hours: 7 am to 6 pm […]

How to get there by catamaran

Every day, boats and catamarans leave the Maritime Terminal of Salvador (Rua do Comercio), located in front of the Modelo Market (Mercado Modelo), which will take […]

Catamaran timetable

SALVADOR | MORRO DE SÃO PAULO Maritime Terminal Mercado Modelo Travel Time: 2 hours Hour | Vessel 08:30 | Catamaran Ilhabela 09:00 | Catamaran Biotur 10:30 […]

How to get to Valença by car

When we say “arriving by car”, we mean actually arriving by car to a certain point because, as you already know or have read, you only […]

How to get to Valença by bus

Bus line Cidade do Sol, Santana, Águia Branca and bus line Camurujipe serve the city of Valença. From Salvador there is a direct bus to Valença […]

How To Get There by plane

The fastest way to get to São Paulo is by air. Flights departures from Luís Eduardo Magalhães Airport in Salvador to Tinharé Island, there are two […]